How to make mobile apps

Every day, billions of people use smartphones and tablets for various tasks. Many of them check their smartphones constantly – several times a minute. People look at their device screens at work, at home, or on the go, and 90% of the time they use their mobile devices is spent on various applications. That’s why it makes sense to tap into this market.

If you understand how to build mobile apps that users want to spend their time on, you can get a large niche, and millions worldwide will be with you. But what exactly makes an app special?

First of all, of course, it has an attractive interface and a knowledgeable support system that will solve any question you have in the shortest time possible (and users have many questions – trust us). If you are still wondering how to create mobile applications, keep reading this article, and we’ll answer all your questions.

When should you develop such utilities?

If you’ve ever dealt with website development, you should understand what users need. They often come for the content or to communicate: people want to buy something, comment, or find out. In the case of mobile apps, it’s the same. Here are some cases where developing an app yourself will be appropriate:

  1. Suppose customers want a simple program for smartphones and tablets. In this case, converting the site into an app is appropriate – you can do it with your own hands and without the involvement of third-party specialists.
  2. Suppose your business is offline and does not yet require an app. In this case, a large field for experimentation is open to you – you can try to create your application with test functionality. Its poor performance will not affect the traffic you receive in any way.

You may find your reason for wanting to create an app. If there is one, then we have dealt with this issue. Now let’s talk about builders, which will help you eliminate questions like “how to develop mobile applications?” and so on.

App development

Best builders and how to create mobile apps

Builders are a simple solution for creating uncomplicated utilities. Here are the most popular and tested ones.

Create my Free App

This utility allows the creation of full-fledged applications without design or programming skills. This utility lets you quickly write small programs for your small business.


Mobincube is a tool for creating and monetizing iOS and Android applications. The basic functionality of the service is available for free. This builder allows you to make different types of apps, so it’s equally suitable for niche and large businesses.


NWICODE is one of the leaders in app development. But why? The developers of this builder managed to create a full-fledged CMS, thanks to which everyone can write their application without any knowledge of programming languages. Developing Android, iOS, and Web App software on this platform is possible.


Perhaps the fastest application builder from the whole list. The main advantage of this editor is that it allows you to embed links and ads from your site into Android apps. As for the question of how to make mobile applications independently and without using builders, you can answer that it can be done.

But it is challenging, and you must try to write a working code for this or that utility by yourself. If you do not even have basic programming skills, it makes sense to turn to freelance coders and hire them. But keep in mind that this is very expensive. If you’ve been wondering how to develop mobile apps properly, we hope you now have more clarity about how these processes occur.

First, you need to understand what you need the app for. For example, if it’s a small business, you should look closer at Create my Free App and Mobincube. If you want to create a utility for a serious business, your choices are Mobincube, NWICODE, and AppsGeyser.