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What mobile apps do you need to run an Instagram account?

Instagram apps are indispensable helpers. They help create unique visual content, one of the key components for accepting traffic (potential subscribers and customers) on your page. In this article, we will tell you about the most indispensable apps on your smartphone that will help you create a business page on Instagram. We’ll also tell you how you can view IG stories anonymously.


Canva is a universal program for photos and videos. It will replace any Photoshop. The application is perfect for Instagram page design. With the help of Canva, you can create stylish banners and covers, make collages, add captions to photos, easily make animated pictures, and much more. Plus, the app’s interface is as simple as possible.

For example, the tab *DESIGN* – will simplify the work with photos, choosing for which social network you need to create a post; Canva will automatically select the desired format and offer hundreds of templates and designs; you only need to choose your favorite style and add your text and photo. A huge plus of the application is that it is available on your computer and phone; you can continue where you left off; the main thing is to create an account, and nothing will be lost. And by the way, you can see what the template selection looks like in the photo below.


The VSCO app Instagram highlight viewer was developed for iPhone and is now available on Android. The app editor has a clear native interface, even for a beginner. Graphics apps usually demand phone resources, but VSCO is lightweight in this respect and provides all the functions required for photo processing.

Many filters and effects will help you maintain a unified style of your Instagram page, not only on the page but also in the stories. The app is ideal for businesses not planning to shoot professional content at the initial stage of creating an Instagram page. Therefore, photos taken on your phone will get the best look in the VSCO app. Tools: correction, exposure, contrast, sharpness, and transparency are the main resources of the app. I recommend working with them so you don’t burden your photos with filters.

photo editing in vsco
Photo editing in VSCO


UNUM helps arrange publications by color scheme (to maintain the uniform style of the feed), and the application acts as an indispensable assistant or expert “from the outside” who knows exactly where and how to place photos. But the big advantage of the app is that you can create a grid (a grid of posts) for a month in advance to see the future feed and understand how this or that photo will look better.

Price Tags

Price Tags are indispensable for those who make sales through social media. With Price Tags, inserting prices right into the photo is easy. The app is addictive, but give a little advice: don’t get carried away with price tags. Instagram can upload several photos in one so-called “carousel,” so we advise you to publish a beautiful photo first and then a detailed photo with prices.


Mojo is a program that helps you quickly create beautiful stories.  And the Instagram highlights viewer will always help you view that anonymously. Download it now if you don’t have it on your phone. Mojo helps you create stylish content in social networks with ready-made templates that can be used for communication, sales, and personal brand promotion. The program was developed initially for mobile devices based on the Android operating system and later for IOS.

All the applications mentioned above are a real godsend for an SMM specialist or a business owner who wants to take his business to the next level. The main thing is not to waste time but to start acting.