What are the advantages of betting through a mobile app?

Gambling through mobile apps has become very popular recently due to the rapid development of technology. Everyone can make bids today while miles away from home and on a PC. But mobility is not the only benefit of smartphone utilities.

This article will examine why you should try these programs if you are a betting enthusiast. And at the end, we’ll tell you one utility that fully meets all the criteria for a quality smartphone betting app. Let’s get started!


Here’s a list of benefits:

  1. Accessibility – betting through the app can be done wherever there is the internet, as a person almost always takes his smartphone. This is no secret. Some programs can even work from another country, and no VPN, unlike the website, will not be needed.
  2. Fast and save traffic – the pages of the mobile utility open almost without delay. And this looks especially advantageous against the fact that computer sites consume many times more Internet traffic and usually run slower.
  3. Making bids is more accessible than on a PC – to complete a transaction, you’ll have to download the utility, go through a simple registration procedure in a couple of clicks, and then deposit to your account. It couldn’t be easier!
  4. The functionality of the mobile utility is equal to the site’s full version. The UI in utilities for Android and iOS is considered very elaborate. If there is something you won’t find, it’s some minor sections like news or podcasts.
  5. A lot of valuable features. For example, the utilities for smartphones and tablets have two-factor authentication, the ability to create a unique password code to enter, bonuses for registration, etc. This luxury needs to be present in the full versions of the site.

This is just an essential list of pluses, but it looks impressive.

Betting app


Here is just a list of functions available in the utilities for mobile devices:

  1. Ability to go through the registration and verification process.
  2. The ability to withdraw funds and replenish your account.
  3. Ability to bet without any limits or restrictions.
  4. Ability to get online advice from the support team around the clock.
  5. Log in to your account with biometric authentication.
  6. The compact and convenient interface.
  7. Regular updates.
  8. Search for specific events and the ability to filter them conveniently.
  9. Possibility to check streams.
  10. Ability to make cashouts.

This is not the end of the functionality, and we have listed only the main points. With a complete list of them, you can see for yourself when you try the application in practice.

Special bonuses for mobile device users

Some bookmaker companies encourage players to use apps. For example, 1xbet. This is the app we wanted to talk about while writing this article! To take advantage of this bonus, all you have to do is register in the smartphone app. After identification, you will receive money to spend on bets in your account.

If you win, you can dispose of the net profit as you wish. You can continue the game or withdraw the money to your e-wallet or bank card. But if you thought cool bonuses were all the 1xbet app had to offer, you need to be corrected. This utility has other cool perks, too. For example, it is available 24/7 and is not subject to blocking.

This means you won’t have to constantly look for working mirrors to bet money on your favorite team. And this is highly relevant in the case of 1xbet because the activities of this office are often blocked. There are also other advantages. If we start to describe them, it will take us weeks so we will make a brief list:

  1. Full access to the original site’s functionality is a great way to entertain yourself by betting on your favorite team, even if you are away from the PC.
  2. The app works very quickly. Almost no user complains about glitches, lags, or freezes.
  3. You can use proxies – 1xbet supports this system, even if it seems rudimentary in places. But you can’t think of a better option if you want complete privacy and anonymity while playing.
  4. This application is suitable for a vast number of devices. Even if you own a relatively old Android device that has not been updated in a hundred years, you can still use the 1xbet app. The only requirement is the Android version at least 12.0 or higher.

Have a friendly and pleasant game!