Top mobile banking apps

Online mobile banking apps are worthwhile and convenient. In today’s world, where almost everyone spends a lot of time on his smartphone, accessing your money on the same device is very convenient. This blog post has compiled a list of the best mobile banking apps. But how did we do it?

We based it primarily on the following criteria:

  1. Any excellent utilities should be supplemented with specialized features that meet individual customer needs.
  2. If the utility is reliable and secure, it should be able to log in with biometrics. It should also have two-factor identification.
  3. The ability to freeze and unfreeze transactions.
  4. The ability to set the PIN code.
  5. The presence of a quick view of the balance (and the ability to hide it with a wave of the device).
  6. The ability to send money directly through phone contacts.
  7. The ability to receive push notifications on your smartphone regarding the transactions made.

Based on the above features, we have compiled this small rating of the best mobile banking applications. Here you can find the utilities for both iOS and Android.

Best mobile banking apps

Based on how well each application met the criteria for what we called best and how well users themselves responded to a particular utility, we came up with the list of mobile banking apps:

  • Alliant Credit Union;
  • Bank of America;
  • Chase;
  • Chime;
  • Discover;
  • U.S. Bank;
  • USAA;
  • Varo Bank;
  • Wells Fargo.

These banks have quality utilities for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, and they all meet the criteria we described. There’s no point parsing each of these banks separately since their terms and conditions are constantly changing, as are the utilities. But it is worth choosing a banking application based on other, more personalized points.

Mobile bank app user


The app should be straightforward to use. It should have all the standard features; more importantly, they should be available quickly. When it comes to money, everything should happen soon.


It is very convenient and essential when the application can simultaneously be used on multiple devices. The utility should also be well-optimized so you don’t encounter various lags or freezes.

Ability to track family budget

More is needed for people with families to keep track of their finances. It is much easier to see the complete picture of the family budget. For example, you can set a goal in the app to save as a couple and for a vacation together.


The critical point is the security of the app. You can usually put your password (PIN or Face ID) in to sign in – we emphasized this point when discussing general app requirements. But it would help if you also kept in mind the need for data security on the manufacturer’s part.

If you need clarification, feel free to reinsure yourself – to do this, go to the developer’s website and read more about its system, or ask a question in the technical support chat.